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The bestChristmas recipeson how to make comfort food for Christmas morning. These Christmas Recipe round-up include Christmas morning breakfast with breakfast appetizers, make ahead breakfast casserole, cinnamon roll tree, spinach quiche, breakfast banana splits, homemade granola, french toast souffle and egg muffins.

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1. Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls ~Here is a great post with a recipe to make very delicious looking cinnamon rolls, and a festive idea to lay them out in the shape of a Christmas tree. Perfect for Christmas morning!

2. Bacon, Spinach, and Mushroom Quiche~ This looks so delicious! My tummy is growling. Bacon, spinach, eggs and mushrooms fill a cheddar cheese crust. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a Christmas brunch?

3. Bacon and Egg Toast Cups ~ A quick and easy breakfast with individual sized portions. Bacon, eggs, and toast made in a muffin pan.


4. 60-Second Blueberry Crepes~Transport yourself to Paris with a single delicious bite. These delicious home made crepes can be filled with anything your taste desires.

5. Mr. Snowman Christmas Morning Brunch ~Here is a fun way to serve breakfast to your kids this Christmas morning! Using pancakes, bacon and marshmallows you’ll create a Mr. Snowman themed meal! Yummy and festive!

6. Rudolph Pancake Breakfast ~Rudolph the red nose pancake reindeer, has a very shiny strawberry nose, chocolate chip eyes, and bacon antlers. This yummy breakfast will be a holiday favorite of your little kids and even your not so little kids.

7. Two Simple Breakfast Pancake Ideas~ Don’t these “Puffed Pancakes” look simply scrumptious? They are perfect for brunches and weekend breakfasts. And, you more than likely have all of the ingredients in your kitchen to make these.

8. Gingerbread Waffles ~These gingerbread waffles look absolutely delicious! The combination of molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg and all-spice give them the wonderful holiday flavor!Your family and guests will have some full and happy tummies!

Comfort Food

9. Breakfast Banana Splits ~You’re kids will think you’ve lost your mind when you let them have “dessert” for breakfast! This yummy treat really could be served as a healthy dessert or breakfast, plus it’s packed with protein to help you feel full longer. Yummy fresh fruit is an added bonus.

10. Cinnamon Cream Cheese Streusel Coffee Cake ~ This yummy coffee cake can be made the day before and enjoyed the next day with a cup of chocolate or coffee. You won’t have to worry about cookies breakfast on Christmas morning if it’s already made. {wink}

11. Pumpkin Spice Scones~ These Starbucks inspired pumpkin spice scones look absolutely scrumptious! They’re ayummy holiday treat to make for breakfast, brunch or as a gift for a new neighbor.

Breakfast Appetizers

12. Christmas Morning Granola ~As an adult, I now like to have something quick and nutritious available to feed the masses. Homemade granola packed full of seeds, nuts, and fruit makes a thoughtful gift for the holidays.

13. Edible Fruit Tree ~ This edible fruit tree makes a darling centerpiece and a fun statement piece. Your family and guests will enjoy dismantling it and eating every delicious bite.

14. Strawberry Santa’s ~These little strawberry Santa’s are adorable! Made from whole strawberries and cream cheese. Easy to make and the results are a yummy, festive treat everyone will love!

Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole

15. Overnight French Toast Souffle ~ Make-ahead casseroles are great time savers especially for Christmas morning when you don’t have time. Combine the ingredients the night before, refrigerate and bake it on Christmas morning. Easy peasy.

16. Mimi’s Christmas Breakfast Casserole ~An easy throw together breakfast casserole perfect for Christmas morning. It combines eggs, bacon, cheese and bread. Bake until it’s fluffy and enjoy!

17. Eggnog French Toast Bake ~This is a simple idea,and it’s big on flavor. It literally takes minutes to prepare and everyone will be singing your praises.

Breakfast Muffins

18. Egg Muffins ~This is a great way to give a healthy breakfast to the kids (or yourself) even if you are on the go. You can make them at the beginning of the week and each morning just pop a couple into the microwave. With no plates or utensils required, they are the perfect grab and go meal.

19. Cinnamon Roll Muffins ~These little treats have all the yumminess of a cinnamon roll with the beauty {and convenience} of a cupcake. Nice and easy for serving at a party or brunch. No forks required!

20. Pumpkin Muffin Recipe~ Make these moist, low fat and delicious pumpkin muffins that only require 2-ingredients. They are also low fat because no oils or eggs are used.

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20 Christmas Morning Comfort Food Recipes – Tip Junkie (2024)
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