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The ninth wave of Nijisanji EN debuted in October 2023. They do not have an official name, but have taken to referring to themselves as "TTT".

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In general

  • Breaking Old Trends: They are the first EN wave to not have an official name, as well as the first whose theme song is not sung by any of the wave members. They are also the first mixed-gender EN wave that did not debut with an even number of men and women.
  • Cool Mask: They all have partial masks. Kunai's mask covers most of her face except her chin. Vivi has a vizor-like mask that covers the top half of her face. And Claude wears a plague doctor mask that covers the bottom half of his face.
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: Victoria the swordmaster is the Fighter/Tank, Claude the cleric is the Mage, and Kunai the kunoichi is the Thief.
  • Group-Identifying Feature: Beauty marks and masks. Kunai and Claude have a beauty mark under the left side of their mouths. Vivi has a beauty mark under her left eye and on her right breast. They also have their own individual masks.
  • Overly Long Name: This wave's full In-Series Nickname is "These Three Troublemaking Adventurers from Another World are Actually a Comedy Troupe?!". They shorten it to "TTT", interchangeably pronounced "Triple T".
  • Two Girls and a Guy: Kunai, Victoria, and Claude, respectively.

Kunai Nakasato

Kunai Nakasato [JP: 中里苦無note]

Nijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (2)

"I can see your heart racing!"

"A kunoichi who hides her true identity with a magic mask. She protects the peace of the city night after night, and it wasn't long before she was named after her Kunai weapons."

— Official profile

Debut date: October 27th, 2023
Birthday: July 9
Languages spoken: English, Japanese
Illustrator: ekaoNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (3)
Channel: YouTubeNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (4)
Social Media: TwitterNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (5)

Height: 162 cm
Occupation: Kunoichi

  • Animal Motif:
    • Cats; she wears her hair in buns that mimic cat ears, and her signature accessory is a cat mask.
    • Her fandom, the Nakarats (or simply just Rats) are rats, obviously.
  • Noodle Incident: Whatever the incident was with Claude's potions that Kunai mentions in her debut, we get no further clarification before she moves on.
  • See-Thru Specs: Her mask lets her see others' heartbeats, even through walls.
  • They Call Him "Sword": She is named after the kunai, a weapon that she carries around...even though her kunais are plastic and she does not know how to use them.
  • Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing: She is given credit for stopping a robbery simply because the would-be thief was scared of her mask. Similar incidents continued to follow her until she somehow gained a reputation as a hero.

Victoria Brightshield

Victoria Brightshield [JP: ヴィクトリア ブライトシールド]

Nijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (6)

"Let's get to looting!"

"A swordmaster who set out on an adventure by herself. Donning the magical armor she inherited from her family, she helps those in need while polishing her skills with the sword."

— Official profile

Debut date: October 27th, 2023
Birthday: March 18
Languages spoken: English (fluent), Cantonese, Mandarin (conversational), Japanese (learning)
Illustrator: Shogo MatsuoNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (7)
Channel: YouTubeNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (8)
Social Media: TwitterNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (9)

Height: 157 cm
Occupation: Swordmaster

  • Cool Sword: She wields an indigo longsword with a crooked blade, with a white hilt that resembles Japanese swords. It also has no sheath.
  • In-Series Nickname: Tends to go by just "Vivi" for short.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: She has a round shield on her left arm that allows her to block attacks from the enemy. Since she's the tank, it's a very suitable piece of equipment.
  • Master Swordsman: Her profession is swordmaster. At the end of her adventure, she's become so strong that every slash of her sword inflicts 9999 damage, which she can do rapidly.
  • No-Sell: Her lore video shows her doing this to a powerful boss enemy's attack, before counterattacking and killing it instantly.

Claude Clawmark

Claude Clawmark [JP: クロード クローマーク]

Nijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (10)

"Here to make my mark!"

"A cleric who studies magic while providing healing to visitors. His gigantic magical gloves are the tools of his trade, which he wields with great skill."

— Official profile

Debut date: October 27th, 2023
Birthday: January 22
Languages spoken: English (fluent), Japanese (learning)
Illustrator: ArayaNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (11)
Channel: YouTubeNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (12)
Social Media: TwitterNijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (13)

Age: Old enough
Height: 171 cm
Occupation: Cleric

  • Agent Peaco*ck: Claude is an adventurer by trade like the rest of his wave, as well as particularly proficient in shooter games. However, he has some very well-manicured nails underneath the claws and would be the first to refer to himself as "girlypop".
  • Alliterative Name: Claude Clawmark. "Claude" and "Claw" also rhyme a bit.
  • Ascended Fanboy: He's been an avid NIJISANJI viewer since the debut of LazuLight.
  • Honorary True Companion: He gets along very well with the Krisis boys, and they seem to consider him as an honorary member of the team. Whenever all four of them collaborate together, they refer to themselves collectively as "Krisisis". Finana actually mistook him as the fourth member of Krisis because he collabs with the trio so much. Even staff mistakenly used #Krisis on the website of his birthday goods.
  • The One Guy: He's the only male member of the trio.
  • Tragic Keepsake: His claws were left to him by his late friend.
  • Yaoi Fanboy: He's a fan of BL stories, citing given, Dōkyūsei, and Junjou Romantica as his most mainstream favorites.
Nijisanji EN: TTT / Characters - TV Tropes (2024)
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