Oceanside Aeries Portal (2024)

1. Oceanside Unified School District - Aeries: Portals

  • Get the Aeries Mobile Portal App! Aeries Student Information System. For assistance with ...

2. Aeries Parent Portal Information - Oceanside Unified School District

  • Parent Portal (Aeries Student Information System · Portal de los Padres (Sistema de Información Estudiantil Aeries. Instructions on how to create a Portal ...

  • Aeries Parent Portal Information - Oceanside Unified School District

3. Oceanside Unified School District - Aeries Login - Aeries Software

  • Aeries Sign in with Aeries. Aeries.

  • Oceanside Unified School District

4. Aeries Parent Portal - Oceanside Unified School District

5. Aeries Parent Portal - Oceanside Unified School District / Homepage

  • To create an Aeries Parent Portal account you will need to have an email. It does not have to be Gmail, but we provide instructions to help.

  • Instructions on how to create a Portal Account - English / Español

6. Campus Parent

  • Missing: aeries | Show results with:aeries

  • © 2003-2024 Infinite Campus, Inc. | Version:Campus.2411.4

7. Registration Information / Current Students: Data Confirmation

  • Oceanside Unified School District Logo. Oceanside Unified School ... You need to have an Aeries Parent Portal account in order to do your Data Confirmation.

  • FOR CURRENT OUSD STUDENTS Data Confirmation opens August 1-October 31 Aeries Parent PortalYou need to have an Aeries Parent Portal account in order to do your Data Confirmation. On the website, click "Create New Account". Parent Portal Data Confirmation instructionsInstrucciones para la Confirmación de Datos en el Portal para Padres

8. Aeries: Portals

  • Oakland Unified School District ... Sign In with Google using your District account and password. ... Follow the instructions below if you need to create a Parent ...

  • Students: Go to https://student.ousd.org

9. Aeries: Portals

  • Ocean View School District · Welcome to the Aeries Parent Portal · * Report Card History is currently unavailable for Parent Accounts. We are working with Aeries ...

  • Welcome to the Aeries Parent Portal

10. Home - Vista Unified

  • Employees · Aeries · Aeries Online Enrollment · Students

  • Home - Vista Unified

11. Oceanside - Scholarship Schools

  • Aeries Parent Portal; Families & Students. Back to School Details · Family-Student Handbook (2023-2024) · Manual Para Padres de Familia y Estudiantes (2023-2024) ...

12. Ocean View School District / Homepage

  • Parent Portal/Aeries Communications Link · RFP/RFQ/Bid Opportunities · School Calendar · Titan: Meal Payments & Applications · Volunteering in OVSD · Get the ...

  • Nestled in the picturesque city of Huntington Beach, the Ocean View School District (OVSD) offers an award-winning educational journey that spans from transitional kindergarten to eighth grade. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, safety, communication, exceptional staff, and positive interactions, the District sets the stage for an enriched learning experience that empowers students to become lifelong learners.

13. Empresa Elementary School: Home

  • Oceanside. California. 92056. United States. (760)940-8454 · empresaes ... parent portal (under the classes tab) on August 14, 2024. The front office ...

  • Home - Empresa Elementary School

14. American Eagle Outfitters Careers - Jobs

  • My company has a lot of open positions! If you are interested, click this link. If you apply to a job, you will be treated as a referral from me.

Oceanside Aeries Portal (2024)
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