Volla Systeme Unveils New Volla Tablet: A Powerhouse of Performance and Privacy (2024)

Volla Systeme launches the Volla Tablet, now on Kickstarter, featuring a large, pro-level display and an intelligent Volla OS, enhancing user interactions with live results, widgets, and quick app switching.

Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - May 3, 2024

~ This innovative device ensures privacy with a de-googled Android system and robust security measures including a unique security mode.

~ With the Ubuntu Touch option, the Volla Tablet seamlessly transitions between a laptop, tablet, and smartphone, embodying the ultimate "space for freedom" for creativity, productivity, and entertainment.

Embarking on a thrilling new journey, Volla Systeme, a young German technology company, is excited to unveil its latest innovation, the Volla Tablet. Seamlessly weaving user-friendly technology with rigorous data protection, this groundbreaking device marks the next chapter in the brand's burgeoning saga, following the successful introduction of its smartphone line. The Volla Tablet has set sail on its pre-sale voyage through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, achieving its funding target on the day of the project's launch.

Uncompromising Security with Innovative Technology

The Volla Tablet is crafted for those who value privacy, running on a Google-free Android system and offering Ubuntu Touch, known for its privacy benefits. However, the tablet respects privacy and emphasizes security through the intelligent Volla OS, which includes a unique security mode tailored to protect users. Furthermore, it doesn't just safeguard your digital footsteps; it excels in performance too. With a large 12.3-inch display and a powerful built-in gaming processor, this tablet is perfect for everything from getting work done to unleashing your creativity or enjoying entertainment.

Intuitive Operating System Designed for Efficiency

At the core of the Volla Tablet's innovation is the Volla OS, a sleek and intelligent operating system engineered to enhance your digital experience. Central to its functionality is the smart text field within the 'Springboard' feature, a standout tool that revolutionizes how you interact with your device. As you start typing, the system intelligently anticipates your intentions, offering autocomplete suggestions and relevant features such as sending messages, capturing calendar events, making calls, and more.

This interaction is enriched with live results, which dynamically suggest content like weather updates or news articles, directly responding to your input without the need for separate apps. This powerful feature, optimized for the tablet's expansive display, ensures that your digital life is streamlined and accessible with just a few taps, seamlessly integrating complex tasks into simple actions.

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Advanced Features for Modern Users

The Volla Tablet is equipped with a variety of features designed to cater to the needs of modern users:

  • Intuitive Volla Launcher: Powered by smart AI, the Volla Launcher transforms your tablet experience by providing direct feature access and handling daily tasks with live results, enhancing productivity and simplifying usage.
  • Seamless App Switching: Experience enhanced productivity with a quick app switch sidebar on the Springboard, displaying icons of open apps for rapid navigation, eliminating the need for the traditional Android app switcher.
  • Live Content Widgets: Keep vital information at your fingertips with widgets that provide real-time information on your home screen.
  • Organized Digital Life: The tablet automatically organizes your digital life into smart collections, displaying recent contacts, conversations, and important notifications, simplifying how you manage your digital interactions.

Robust Privacy and Security Tools

Security is a cornerstone of the Volla experience. The tablet's unique security mode offers comprehensive protection, including the ability to block app background processes, filter internet traffic, and control app internet access through a customizable firewall. This ensures that you have complete control over your data and privacy.

Versatile Form Factor for Unmatched Flexibility

The Volla Tablet redefines versatility, merging the functionalities of a laptop, tablet, and smartphone into a single dynamic device. With its unique multi-boot capability, users can effortlessly switch between Volla OS and Ubuntu Touch, adapting the device to various needs and environments. This functionality allows the tablet to serve not just as a portable device but also as a fully functional desktop replacement when paired with an attachable keyboard.

Professional Grade Specifications

The Volla Tablet is built to impress, with its high-quality aluminum casing, 12.3-inch Quad HD display, and superior sound system with four speakers. Powered by the MediaTek G99 processor and equipped with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of expandable storage, it is designed to handle demanding applications effortlessly.

Community-Focused and Crowdfunded

True to its roots, Volla Systeme continues to engage with its community through open-source projects and crowdfunding. The current Kickstarter campaign is not just a launch platform but a way to involve the community directly in the product's success.

Partnerships and Contributions to Open Source

In line with its commitment to privacy and open-source solutions, Volla Systeme has partnered with notable service providers like hide.me VPN and StartPage search engine to enhance the security features of the Volla Tablet. Additionally, a portion of the sales from the Ubuntu Touch version will support the UBports Foundation, further contributing to the development of open-source software.

The Volla Tablet is set to revolutionize how users interact with technology, prioritizing both functionality and privacy.

About the company: Volla Systeme GmbH (formerly Hallo Welt Systeme UG) was established in 2017 by Dr. Jörg Wurzer. It is an independent German smartphone manufacturer that offers devices with its own Android operating system, Volla OS, or the mobile Linux distribution, Ubuntu Touch. Volla OS is known for its strong focus on data protection and a uniquely intelligent operating concept.The company presented the first Volla Phone in 2020 after three years of research and development, using a crowdfunding campaign. The Remscheid-based company completely rethought the concept of the "smartphone" with the Volla Phone and Volla Phone X. As an alternative to the version with the proprietary Volla OS, the devices are also available with the mobile Linux distribution Ubuntu Touch. To date, around 25% of Volla customers have opted for this option.Volla-Phone founder Dr. Jörg Wurzer has initiated an alliance with other small and medium-sized companies and organizations to advocate for independence, self-determination, and privacy protection. The alliance aims to promote topics such as data protection, digital self-determination, open source, privacy, and independence from large technology companies. Partners in this alliance include the UBports Foundation, the VPN provider Hide.me, the search engines Startpage and Metager, and the secure, encrypted e-mail service StartMail.

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Volla Systeme Unveils New Volla Tablet: A Powerhouse of Performance and Privacy (2024)
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